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Vote Safely? Yes You Can

In my work I interact with older adults every day, and of late I’ve been hearing a great deal of angst about the November 3rd presidential election during the pandemic. Should you be wary and cautious? Absolutely. Give up and don’t bother voting? Not a chance.

Service veterans have defended our individual freedom and right to vote for centuries. Suffragettes went through an awful lot to secure women’s voting rights a mere hundred years ago. So with all the modern ways to register and vote, it would be a dishonor to past generations to walk away from this precious right.

How Can I Register and Vote Safely?

If you aren’t currently registered, then there are several low, or non-contact ways one can register. In our service area you can register online or request/download a form that can be returned via postal mail. The following are a few county clerk offices in our service area:

Lake County

or phone (847) 377-2410.

Cook County or phone (312) 603-5656

McHenry County or phone (815) 334-4242

Your county clerk’s office should also be able to provide an easy application to request a vote by mail ballot. These are typically simple forms that take only a few moments to complete. Many township clerk’s offices also have county voter registration forms and can offer assistance if you require any. These are all free services that are covered by your tax dollars, so don’t be shy about asking for what you need to register and have your voice heard this fall and beyond.

Turn off the media fear mongering, follow the safety protocols and enjoy these fleeting weeks of summer. And yes, don’t forget to vote—safely.

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