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Visiting Safely with Loved Ones During the Holidays


I love Thanksgiving! It’s my favorite family holiday. The traditions, the turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy, and of course, family. This year will be different. Many are wondering what to do this holiday season. Weighing options and finding ways to enjoy family without spreading COVID? The following are some ideas to help you make your decision.

First and foremost, everyone attending a gathering in your home should be wearing a mask unless eating. When they arrive at your home shoes should be removed and hands should be washed with soap and water or they should use hand sanitizer. No kissing, shaking of hands or hugging. If you really want or need a hug, then hug with your faces away from each other.

· When serving appetizers, plate them individually and hand them out. If that is inconvenient then one person should manage the food and distribute to the guests.

  • Maintain the kids’ table. Children should be separated from adults and let’s face it, they’ll enjoy themselves without the “grownup chat.”
  • Instead of a buffet or passing bowls/platters, a few people should plate the meals and serve them at each place at the table.
  • The people that live together should be seated together.
  • A 6-foot distance should be placed between tables or seats to avoid contact.
  • When you're done with dinner masks must be donned.
  • We also recommend imbibing a little bit.

Although it will be difficult, please remind your friends and family that if they have any symptoms of illness such as a cold, temperature or just don’t feel right, they should not attend the family functions. It’s imperative that we stop the spread of COVID and other illnesses especially to our older loved ones.

Yes, this will be awkward and likely prompt some aggravation, but the reward is health and a faster end to this virus that has derailed human life for too long now. These are small sacrifices that will lead us to better days.

I am thankful for so many things including the readers of this column. A Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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