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Staying Healthy During COVID-19
Without Avoiding Routine Medical Visits

The COVID-19 pandemic has left everyone with a gnawing level of uncertainty, questioning must do versus optional appointments. One thing that you shouldn’t move to the bottom of your priority list is healthcare. Clearly being wary of the Coronavirus is fine, however, skipping physicals, follow-up visits, eye examinations and other routine checkups is not a good idea.

Living in Chicagoland has distinct benefits, such as access to the finest medical care a short car trip away. The top priority in medical facilities throughout the region is safety protocol. In a short period of time, ongoing disinfecting, deep cleaning, temperature checks, masks and PPE gear for staff have now become standard procedure. Many medical offices are not seeing sick patients only providing wellness checks and responding to other issues that are not illness related.

Being afraid of this virus is understandable, however, postponing necessary or routine care can create other problems that might make you more vulnerable to the Coronavirus. Maintaining your overall physical health through diet, exercise and routine medical care are proven tactics that keep your immune system in top working order in the event you need to combat a virus. Many deaths and psychological issues can be avoided with prompt attention by a medical professional.

So please don’t delay. Phone or email your medical care provider for an appointment. Wearing you mask and sanitizing your hands will keep you and others safe while looking after your health. If an in-person visit is presently impossible, or too overwhelming, then please inquire about a telehealth visit over a smart phone, tablet or computer.

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