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Holiday Happy Senior Support Program

Giving back to the community is important to everyone at Elderwerks, so this year we thought it would be fun to promote the Holiday Happy Senior Support Program. The concept is simple; we want to help seniors in our community have a fantastic holiday season. Many seniors are going it alone and don’t have visitors, making it particularly difficult to get through the holiday season. That’s where you come in. We’re looking for warm-hearted people to make visits at a local senior community.

To get started, contact your local senior community and let them know when you’d like to visit. They love visitors and are happy to receive you. Take your friends, family or group to a senior community. Bring along an activity, small gifts, or those with musical talents can play instruments or sing songs to brighten the day. These small gestures of kindness let our neighbors know they are loved and appreciated.

Celebrating the holidays with family usually brings people’s spirits up. However, when a senior is isolated, with no living relatives or family nearby, it causes additional stress. Another way to help is “adopting” an older neighbor, including them in your family festivities or neighborhood parties can lift the spirits through inclusion.

It’s important to remember that many older adults may have different capabilities and thought processes. Keeping celebrations simple with focus on togetherness, enjoying a meal and conversation will likely suffice.

Many older adults face hearing/sight issues, while other conditions can prompt them to become easily overwhelmed. Social or entertaining situations may be embarrassing for someone facing memory loss. They may not recognize people; they can get frustrated, anxious or even combative, wanting to distance themselves from the group. It is wise to plan for quiet areas, illuminate darker rooms and reduce background noise. People should visit individually, offering greetings of the season and just a smile. If the senior becomes tired early, make plans to have them taken home by a family member or a caregiver.

For added comfort make sure your holiday dining chairs have arms, the cushions are supportive, and they aren’t seated at the center of the table. The head of the table is usually a good place for an older adult. If there are special diet accommodations serve these items while others are helping themselves, so they don’t feel like the center of attention. Make sure the drinking glass isn’t heavy or completely full.

Good gifts include blankets, sweaters; pull on pants, shirts without buttons or zippers, hats, scarves and mittens. Nice lotions, beauty care items, a framed photo of them from younger days, puzzles, iPads and even theater tickets make fantastic gifts. There are many options that don’t involve a large expenditure. If you aren’t quite sure what they need, a gift card from a store that carries a wide variety of household goods and food items might also be a good choice. Giving seniors a gift certificate for a house cleaning service, home organizer, hair salon or home repair service can be thoughtful and practical too.

Together we can make the holiday season bright for everyone. Make some memories and enjoy your time together.

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