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Electronic Recycling Day in Palatine
Saturday, May 8th 8am-12pm 
721 S. Quentin Rd. Palatine, IL  
Now is the time to get rid of things that are cluttering up your home! Palatine Township and the Palatine Lions Club are sponsoring events to help you dispose of some of those items in a safe, environmentally friendly way. This event is free to residents of Palatine Township. It will take place in the Palatine Township Parking Lot at 721 S. Quentin Rd. Palatine, IL. Enter the parking lot from westbound Illinois Avenue and volunteers will unload your car. You will exit via Quentin Road.
Computers, printers, mice, CD, DVD & VCR players, DVRs, batteries, phones, Christmas lights, power cords and cables, small appliances, new version flat screen monitors, cameras, and more can be recycled. There is a charge of $25 per microwave to recycle. Absolutely no old (CRT) monitors/Non-flatscreen TV's, dehumidifiers, light bulbs, white appliances, paint, or hazardous materials.
Call Palatine Township if you have questions. 847-358-6700

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