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A Legal Road Map for Aging Well

Learn how proper advanced legal planning can help ensure a smoother journey

After the Funeral and Everybody Has Gone Home, Now What?

Recent widows are often overwhelmed with the loss of their life mate and realize they now have to manage their affairs alone. Often one spouse did most of the bill paying, investments and managed the domestic affairs. Estate administration is not an easy task and takes time and thoughtful management. Learn what you need to know about paying bills, debts, dispersing assets and reviewing your legal documents.

Aging in Place

This presentation discusses how to help seniors remain in their homes as long as possible. What options are available and descriptions of where and how they can get help.

Aging with Your Ducks in a Row

An overview of the importance of estate planning. What happens if you do not have an estate plan? Basic estate planning techniques every person should know: wills, trusts, powers of attorney and deeds.

Don't be the Victim: Legal Intervention for Financial Exploitation, Choices in Long Term Care


Elder Abuse: Fact, Fiction & Interventions

Learn about elder abuse in the U.S.

Estate Planning Tips for the Modern Family

Learn about estate planning for families with children from multiple marriages, single parents, adopted children, cohabitating couples, and same sex couples

Estate Planning: Preparing and Protecting Your Future Wishes

Long-term care and financial planning

Ethics & Scams

The presentation discusses how to protect seniors from a plethora of common senior scams

Financial Exploitation – The Crime of the Century

Seniors are targets of financial exploitation by both professional scammers as well as unscrupulous family members and caregivers. Learn how to protect vulnerable older adults with legal procedures including powers of attorney and guardianship.

Game Plan for Life’s Second Half

This estate planning overview will coach you through the winning legal strategies you can use for a successful future using wills, trusts and powers of attorney.

Have a Say in Your Future

Adequate legal planning for older age

Healthcare Issues and Trends

facing high costs of healthcare in the future • Understand the importance of wise planning for Medicaid, avoiding common pitfalls seniors face when savings are becoming depleted.

Hoarding and the Law

It’s more than reality TV; its life for many that go unnoticed or reported in your community. Hoarding has been at the forefront of American's attention recently and has been recently recognized as a mental health disorder. In addition to the initial shock of the hordes of "stuff" that lie behind a hoarder’s closed doors, what happens when the law steps in? This conversation will review the complete hoarding continuum, various solutions available such as guardianship, professional’s ethical concerns, housing/landlord issues and legal options for ensuring relapses do not occur. Learn how an elder law attorney complements the health care team to ensure the disabled person receives the help they need.

Legal Care for a Loved One Who Has Special Needs

Learn the correct way for legal planning for those with special needs to avoid the loss of eligibility for vital government assistance

Legal Consideration When There Has Been A Chronic Illness

The diagnosis of chronic illness is undoubtedly challenging in many respects. At this presentation we will discuss the critical legal issues that should be addressed to help avoid costly errors.

Legal Self Defense – Planning for Dementia

Find out what legal tools patients and families dealing with dementia and/or Alzheimer’s disease can utilize to protect the patient’s wishes and long-term care plan.

Long-Term Care: Medicare Does Not Pay for It All

Learn the legal options in planning and paying for long-term care

Medical Ethics: What is Medical Ethics?

How do those serving the elder care community make ethical decisions and why.

POLST – Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment

An overview of the Practitioner's Order for Life Sustaining Treatment - what is it? Also focus on the discussion of end of life options.

Prepare to Care

One of the hardest tasks in the world is putting together a plan you hope your loved one never needs to use. When the unexpected happens, however, it helps to have the documents in place to deal with life’s complications, especially when they are designed to help you care for someone close to you. This session will focus on the legal planning necessary to plan for today and the future.

Social Security Disability: Understanding and Applying for SSI & SSDI


Special Needs Trusts

Learn how to protect a disabled individual’s eligibility for current or future public benefits with the use of special needs trusts.

Super Powers

Discussion about Powers of Attorney for Healthcare & Property. Includes key elements of each and why they are necessary

Take Control

Estate Planning for Seniors

The Importance of Advanced Directives & Having “The Conversation”:

An in-depth discussion of Powers of Attorney, HIPAA and Living Will documents

The Importance of Having the Right Documents

Consequences for those who have not planned for various legal issues. Discusses documents such as POAs, Wills/Trusts

The Sandwich Generation

Tips and tricks for adults caring for their aging parents while supporting their own children. Learn what steps should be taken to protect aging family members’ physical and financial needs

Trusts and Power of Attorney for Property

What They Are, How They Work, and How They May Help You or Someone You Care About

Uncovering Medicaid Myths

Medicaid’s nursing home laws have become increasingly complex over the years. So, it’s no wonder there are many myths and inaccuracies that exist. At this presentation we will address common Medicaid misconceptions and costly mistakes that can be avoided with the proper planning. Knowing the truth about these myths is the key to making the right decision.

Veteran’s Aid & Attendance

Money for Home Care or Assisted Living. How to avoid pitfalls and qualify for VAA&A Benefit

What Do You Do When Mom Says, “I Do?”

When older adults find love in their golden years and wish to remarry, their family may become concerned about the financial or legal implications of this new union. Learn about steps that should be taken before a parent remarries to ensure their financial and healthcare wishes remain intact and protected

What You Need to Know in the Second Half of Life

Traditional estate planning addresses what happens if you die, but did you ever think about what will happen if you suffer a stroke or are diagnosed with chronic illness and live into your 80’s or 90’s? How to legally prepare yourself as you get older, what to do to protect yourself and your family and avoid mistakes.

What’s Your Plan B – Preparing for the Unexpected

Plan A is living your life at home comfortably in great health with no assistance. Unfortunately plan A rarely happens. Learn about critical issues regarding hiring a caregiver, moving to assisted living, moving to a nursing home and what to look for when signing in-home care contracts, nursing home contracts and Medicaid application.

When Children with Special Needs Turn 18

Review how special needs trusts and guardianship can be utilized to help ensure children with special needs can thrive as adults.

You Do Have Options

Asset protection for seniors

Your Life, Your Way

Family estate planning

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