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How to Help Your Parents - and Not Get in Trouble

Wednesday 01/29/2020 05:30 PM - 06:30 PM
Elderwerks Educational Services
251 E. Northwest Highway, Palatine, IL 60067

Mom and Dad are getting older. You want to make sure they are going to be okay as they age. You wonder if their eventual passing will put you in court, bankrupt you, or strain relationships with your siblings.

Do you wonder where to start and how to talk about it without getting in trouble?!

Dawn will share what she wishes she knew before her husband unexpectedly passed. You’ll be surprised to learn why having a Will or a Trust isn’t the same thing as having someone’s affairs in order. She will uncover the 3 concepts that enable conversations and create relevance out of piles of data. It’s possible to help your parents and not get in trouble. They’ll love you for it!

Dawn Pruchniak, Speaker, best-selling author,founder of Prudence Partners LLC
Dawn helps people through her book, online program, workshops, and private coaching to live with confidence and avoid unnecessary pain when a loved one passes.

Please join us for this important topic! Reservations are requested.

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