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Enjoy the Fall Foliage with Cycling Without Age in McHenry County 

What if we told you that there was a way for you to enjoy riding a bike throughout the beautiful trails of the McHenry County Forest Preserves, wind in your hair, sun on your face, enjoying the changing fall colors, even if you are in a wheelchair or can no longer ride a bicycle?

That’s exactly what Cycling Without Age – McHenry County is bringing to older adults of McHenry County. Through November, this incredible not-for-profit is asking you to join them for an extended ride along the beautiful Prairie Path, providing 45–50-minute rides every Saturday (weather permitting). Rides will start on the hour between 10 am-Noon, and 1-5pm. Starting points will alternate Saturdays between the Prairie Trail Hillside parking lot, 5275 Hillside Road in Crystal Lake, and Peterson Park, 4300 Peterson Park Road in McHenry. Each ride can accommodate one or two people, and the elder can be accompanied by a non-senior companion if they desire.

How does this work you ask? With a trishaw, of course! A trishaw is a three-wheeled non-motorized vehicle designed to carry one or two passengers in front. It is pedaled like a bicycle by a “pilot” sitting behind and slightly above the passengers. The Trishaw also has a rechargeable battery for additional power when needed.

Trishaw rides are slow and gentle, encouraging easy conservation or just quiet contemplation. An optional volunteer navigator on their own bicycle may also accompany the ride for additional safety, comfort, and shared conversation.

 Click here for more information or to reserve a time on a trishaw of your own. 

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